All phone contacts mapped with server duplicated
Question asked by Scott Carullo - 12/7/2018 at 10:19 AM
Opened my phone contacts (iphone using exchange active sync) and there were all duplicated.  Other users of our system have reported the same findings - all contacts duplicated on their phones too.  Only variable seems to be these phones are iphones and using exchange active sync with mail server.  Any ideas?

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Michael Replied
What version of smarter mail are you running?
Scott Carullo Replied
I recommend upgrading with the build on the website now it fixes this problem as well as many others. If you look and it’s the same build ignore it they made changes even though they didn’t update the build number or the release notes I’m guessing due to getting it out timely after hours. I can confirm this update was available on website approx 7pm Friday evening. It fixed several of our issues including this one. There are still other problems still being worked on like the search results delayed operations I listed in another thread.

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