how to forward spam to spamcop?
Question asked by bignerd - 12/5/2018 at 11:42 AM
been using smarter mail for some time.
getting scortched with spam and want to forward bad stuff to Spamcop automatically.

tried using content filtering to forward the junk directly and am getting errors on the spamcop side.

is there a quick and easy out of the content filters to port spam directly to spamcop as an attachment?


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echoDreamz Replied
We wrote an app that monitors a spam@ IMAP account that takes in the emails and forwards them out automatically as attachments to required destinations, external accounts for processing, some 3rd party APIs etc. I wish SM had an easy option for "forward as attachment". However, we would have had to do the app anyways to send the eml file to some of these HTTP-based APIs.
bignerd Replied
do you have a link for this app?

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