Server to Server Migration Version Requirements
Question asked by Gary King - 11/29/2018 at 10:37 AM
Hi, moving to a new server.

Current server has Smartermail 16.1.6425 installed.

Can I just install the latest 16.x build on the new box and do the migration, or do I have to go through another maintenance window and upgrade the current box to the latest build first?


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Scarab Replied
As long as the version on the server you are migrating to is a higher minor version then you don't need to upgrade the current server. Since you have 16.1.6425 on your current server then installing 16.3.6897 on the new server and migrating your data to it should go fine.

Just to be certain though I would reinstall 16.3.6897 on the new server once the data migration is complete, just to make absolutely, positively sure that every config file was updated properly (although outside of the web.config I don't think there were any changes to configuration files between those minor versions...but it never hurts to be safe with one last pass).

Best of luck!

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