Trusted Sender SM 17 Beta going to junk-email-folder
Question asked by mark - 11/23/2018 at 4:11 AM
The email address (xxx.yyy@zzz.com) was added to the trusted sender. But the address blocked as spamfiltering and it is in junk-mail folder. Why it is not in Inbox? What can I do that a trustes sender is going to to Inbox.

[2018.11.23] 11:43:05.058 [46095] Starting Spam Checks.
[2018.11.23] 11:43:07.960 [46095] Spam check results: [REVERSE DNS LOOKUP: Passed], [_INTERNALSPAMASSASSIN: 7:11], [_SPF: Fail], [_DKIM: Pass], [HOSTKARMA - BLACKLIST: passed], [HOSTKARMA - WHITELIST: passed], [HOSTKARMA - BROWNLIST: passed], [SORBS - ABUSE: passed], [SORBS - DYNAMIC IP: passed], [SORBS - PROXY: passed], [SORBS - SOCKS: passed], [SPAMCOP: passed], [SPAMHAUS - PBL: passed], [SPAMHAUS - PBL2: passed], [SPAMHAUS - SBL: passed], [SPAMHAUS - XBL: passed], [SPAMHAUS - XBL2: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 1: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 2: passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 3: passed], [SPAMRATS: passed], [SORBS - NO SERVER: passed], [SORBS - NOMAIL: passed], [SORBS - RECENT: passed], [CBL: passed], [SURRIEL: passed]
[2018.11.23] 11:43:07.960 [46095] Spam Checks completed.
[2018.11.23] 11:43:07.960 [46095] Removed from SpamCheckQueue (0 queued or processing)
[2018.11.23] 11:43:10.097 [46095] Added to LocalDeliveryQueue (1 queued; 0/50 processing)
[2018.11.23] 11:43:10.097 [46095] [LocalDeliveryQueue] Begin Processing.
[2018.11.23] 11:43:10.097 [46095] Starting local delivery to aaa.bbb@ccc.com
[2018.11.23] 11:43:10.206 [46095] Delivery for xxx.yyy@zzz.com to aaa.bbbb@ccc.com has completed (Delivered to Junk Email) Filter: Spam (Weight: 14), Action (Global Level): SmarterMail.Common.POCO.Shared.FilterActionV1
[2018.11.23] 11:43:10.206 [46095] End delivery to aaa.bbb@ccc.com (MessageID: <0101016.xxx.yyy@zzz.com)
[2018.11.23] 11:43:10.206 [46095] Removed from LocalDeliveryQueue (0 queued or processing)
[2018.11.23] 11:43:13.124 [46095] Removing Spool message: Killed: False, Failed: False, Finished: True
[2018.11.23] 11:43:13.124 [46095] Delivery finished for 0101016.xxx.yyy@zzz.com 11:43:13 [id:1678514146095]

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kevind Replied
I'm guessing this is the reason:  [_SPF: Fail] 

Have the sender fix their SPF record and that will probably get it delivered to Inbox. SmarterMail can't trust a sender based on name alone; it needs additional info to confirm the name is not spoofed.

Derek Curtis Replied
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Kevin's solution should fix things. While adding a Trusted Sender bypasses most spam checks, it doesn't bypass SPF or DKIM checks. So if one of those, or both, fail, then the message can still be marked as spam.
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