SMTP 250-SIZE response invalid?
Problem reported by echoDreamz - 11/21/2018 at 9:43 AM
250-SIZE 2147483647
Shouldnt this be equal to our SMTP-IN max-allowed message size? In our case, it should be...

250-SIZE 52428800
Seems like SM should be reporting the proper max-allowed message size instead of the Int32.MaxValue

This is with SM 16.3.6885.

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Matt Petty Replied
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Hmm interesting, I just did a quick telnet to our SM 16 test server and I got back the correct value. After checking the code we do dynamically write that variable based on MaxMessageSize if it's greater than 0. Can you verify what the value is for that setting in your SMTP settings?

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echoDreamz Replied
Yes, our value is set to 51200.
echoDreamz Replied

See screenshots.
echoDreamz Replied
Ah, ignore :), it appears the value is in MB, not KB. I changed to 50 and it reports the correct value.

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