SmarterMail 17 - svcDomainAdmin/AddDomain "failed to create"
Problem reported by Nicolas Fertig - 11/20/2018 at 6:54 AM
Dear all,

I am trying the SmarterMail Enterprise Version - 100.0.6897 solution. I have a strange behaviour with the soap service. You can reproduce in 3 steps.

  1. Create a domain. svcDomainAdmin/AddDomain
  2. Remove this domain. svcDomainAdmin/DeleteDomain (remove file true)
  3. Create the same domain. svcDomainAdmin/AddDomain
ResultCode: int(-2)
Message: "Failed to create '10-test-19.com'"

No more information about why "failed to create" in service logs.

How can i troubleshoot this behavior? Do you have the same error?

Best regards,
Giuseppe Damiani

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Nicolas Fertig Replied

In Smartermail\Domains, the folder with the domain name is not removed. Even, if you remove from WEB UI, the folder is not removed.

So when you remove folder, svcDomainAdmin/AddDomain  work.

Removing folder is solution? Why folder is not removed?

Best regards,
Giuseppe Damiani
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Giuseppe, grazie per aver segnalato l'errore (thanks for reporting the error). With all of the changes to the file structure in SM17, there was one file type (*.changes) that was not being removed from the domain folder thus preventing that folder from being deleted.  This in turn would prevent a domain creation for a previously created domain.  I was able to replicate and fix the issue.  The fix will in included in the next release.
Nicolas Fertig Replied
Hello Robert, 

thank you very much for your responsiveness. 

I'll just have a comment about logs files. The Soap error was not very useful and despite the fact that the "Service API" logs option was in debug mode, there was no more information. Is there a place where I should find more details?

Cordiali saluti
Giuseppe Damiani

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