Missing calendar invites to meeting attendees
Problem reported by Bert Garrett-Tuck - 11/5/2018 at 7:50 PM
Firstly - I've upgraded to the latest SM 16.x.  Hasn't helped.

I've a number of accounts using Outlook w/ EAS. They are heavy calendar users - live and breath via the Outlook calendar.

What's happening is some meeting recipients aren't getting an invitation - so have nothing to accept & add to their calendar, and so don't turn up to the meeting.  The recipients are both in the same email domain (other team members) as well as external (other companies).

When someone adds a meeting to their calendar and invites people, some people don't receive an invite.  Both internal and external contacts.  We know the contact is right because sending an email to them works.  But for whatever reason, no calendar invitation is sent - and there's nothing in the sent items to indicate any email with an invitation attached was ever sent.  There's nothing in the recipients calendar, and nothing in their deleted items either to indicate anything ever arrived.

I can't seem to reproduce this by sending invites to myself, or getting them to send meeting invites to me.  They come through as expected.

Can anyone suggest some additional troubleshooting steps?

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Bert, can you set the ActiveSync logs to Detailed and when the next occurrence of this happens look in the logs for any Exceptions?  You could also alternatively send the logs to sales@smartertools.com attention Robert Emmett, and I would review them for any abnormalities.  Additionally, is the appointment made on a personal calendar, shared calendar, or domain calendar?  When sending the logs, could you also attach the organizer's calendarData.xml file?  Thanks.
Bert Garrett-Tuck Replied
Thanks for the offer of help.  I have got details of the specific appointments affected and have asked the customer to let me know when it happens again.

There are a lot of error messages in the activeSync.log file.

Error getting event occurrences in ResolveRecipients.Execute method:


SYNC KEY MISMATCH: Device=[20181112.060817.9605] Server=[20181112.015037.8882]

(actual email and name removed)
08:19:24 [838633336] Error getting event occurrences in ResolveRecipients.Execute method:
08:19:24 [838633336] _toAddress[0]: user@domain.co.nz; otherUser.UserName: firstname.lastname; startTime: 14/11/2018 8:00:00 AM; endTime: 14/11/2018 5:00:00 PM

Bert Garrett-Tuck Replied

It's a personal calendar - and the appointments affected are definitely recurring appointments (at least two instances I have seen of this) and some one off appointments.

The appointments are set up by the user in their calendar (i.e. they are the meeting organiser) and are unable to edit the series of appointments (the recurring option when opening the meeting).  
They can get in to edit the individual instance.  So I'm thinking perhaps the calendar appointment has become corrupted somehow.

The calendar is shared to two or three others, so they can see this persons personal calendar in their outlook too.

Compounding this problem is that the customer's users' calendars have a few duplicate appointments in them (ghost appointments) which I think is probably a separate issue but possibly related somehow I don't know.


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