deleted items from IMAP client remained in the Inbox !
Question asked by Yad Rashid - 10/29/2018 at 1:11 PM
Dears ,
we have SmarterMail 13.1 , now we have an issue , when a client connect to the mailbox via IMAP and delete an item from Inbox , the Item will be copied to the Deleted folder and remains in the Inbox folder .
how can I solve this , 
can some body tell me a solution ?

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Yad Rashid Replied
Dears at SmarterTools ,
The SmarterMail is a premium business product , I would expect a better response !
I have opened this conversation and it been more than 2 days and NO Reply !!!
we are running in a critical state , the deleted items are not actually deleted via IMAP it just copied to the deleted folder .
so how can we solve this issue in smartermail 13.1 ?
Jeremie Jein Replied
Ionel Aurelian Rau Replied
Hehe, 2 days? I opened a discussion 6 months ago for a supported SM version and there was no reply since :)

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