SmarterMail 16 startup time after an update
Question asked by Nicolas Fertig - 10/25/2018 at 2:50 PM

We would like to know if there are best practices to speedup the SmarterMail services startup after every update we apply.

Currently it takes almost 30 minutes after an update for the service to answer. We try to do it at night when there is less customer impact but still, we have complaints that half an hour of downtime every update is too much.

We have around 5000 domains and 20k mail accounts served by a 12 core machine with 128GB RAM on SSDs.

While SmarterMail is starting we can see the process is taking only 1% cpu and we can see the process memory growing.
Then the memory usage drops and grow again, drops and grow again.
 It goes like this for around 30 minutes before services start answering.

As there is no clustering option, actually the only thing we can do is wait for the services to start.

Any idea/help would be appreciated.


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Nicholas, the unfortunate news is that the startup time is a limitation with the backend implementation in SmarterMail 16 and previous versions.  We have spent several long months completely optimizing and rewriting the backend in SmarterMail 17.  On test environments with a similar configurations--domain and mail account counts--we have consistently seen the startup times drop from around 30 minutes to around 4 minutes or less.  I know this doesn't help with your current SmarterMail 16 install.  We are very pleased with the optimizations we are providing in SmarterMail 17.
echoDreamz Replied
Same issue here Nicolas. SM takes sometimes upwards of 40 minutes for us. We cannot wait for SM 17 to get stable (this time though, we are not jumping onto the 17 train until it's went through the station a times :) and proved it is stable).

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