SmarterMail freeze intermittently
Problem reported by Pascale Guilbault - 10/11/2018 at 8:21 AM
we use SM for our organization. And during these two last weeks, we're experiencing an issue with SM.
When someone use the web interface on any Browser (Chrome, IE or Edge), sometimes the new message windows freezes; at this moment you can only see a white windows; the same thing when we try to send a message.
This is not a permanent behavior, but it appends a couple of times during a day.
When this issue occured, the user has to close the windows and refresh the web page and click on New message or send message to solve the problem.
Can you help us with this issue?
Thanks !
SM Version: 16.3.6782
P/S: Unfortunately we don't have any screenshot about this issue. Because it is intermittent.

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