User interface Improvement on Webmail and Bug reporting in Scheduling Calendar with Attendees.
Idea shared by Ng Cher Choon - 10/9/2018 at 4:41 PM
I will like to propose this:

  1.  In the Calendar, when one wants to view the availability of a group of attendees, there is no way to click on the green dot (which denotes available), the time of the schedule will automatically be updated. At the moment, we have to remember the date and time available and update it manually. This is like doing double works.
  2. Also, the green dot denotes each hour. it will be better if it has been a table format, just like the Outlook. This creates a better illustration if the appointment is fixed like 11:30am or 12:15pm. Currently, we cannot tell if the dot represents 12:00pm or 12:30pm.
Bug Found from observation:

  1. This happens if two newly created accounts are made and using impersonating method to switch between these two accounts. We do not login with their accounts, only using impersonation switching since it is for testing purposes.

    We created two email accounts, namely username and secretary for testing purposes. Username shared his calendar to secretary. He creates his first appointment and secretary, at the moment, has no appointment created in her calendar.

    Secretary mapped the username's shared calendar. When the secretary see the username's appointment in the monthly calendar, the time set is in a wrong time. She will see the username's appointment set in her computer system's time. But when she opens the appointment, it is stated correctly.

    However, when more appointments are set, this bug disappears somehow.

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