16.3.6795: Can't seem to avoid some abuse detection rules for OUR domain
Problem reported by W. T. Leaver - 10/2/2018 at 8:20 AM
I know I'm not quite up to date with the latest version, but I've been fighting abuse detection rule issues for some time now and don't seem to be able to get around them completely.

I have two rules in place to combat outgoing spam that I want our own domain to be excluded from. We are a web host and frequently need to send large volumes of email and/or don't need bounces to block us (We apparently have some clients who haven't kept their accounts up to date, and I'll need to figure out who they are and resolve the issue, but for now I just want to resolve the problem if I can.)

One of the rules blocks outbound email for an account that bounces email 10 times within 5 minutes. This rule I cannot seem to work around. The sending IP (our website IP) is in the IP bypass list, but our support email address (which sends these emails) continues to be blocked when this happens.

The other rule blocks for a volume of email in 5 minutes, and I can work around that by setting the volume higher, but I'd rather leave the volume at the lower value and have the rule NOT apply to our own email.

Is there something I've missed to allow our own website to generate emails that will not be subject to these rules?

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When you say the sending IP address is your website server address, are you referring to your external web IP, or your internal (lan) IP address ?  

How many emails are you talking about having to send ?
What are you using to mass send ? Are you sending from within smarter mail, or have you made a script to read from a database and send ? (script directly or call SM as an API ?) Or using a 3rd party product ?

As we run into the same thing sort of, where a domain will kill off email addresses and our database is then filled with email addresses that no longer exist on our own servers.  While, we have a script that generates the email, I was plannning to add in some type of server connection thing to see if we can validate an email address before it is sent. this can be done with the API from what i am seeing.

In our script i had to write a timer to slow down the outbound emails in order to avoid being flagged as a spammer on our own servers and by external servers.  Depending on the domains, i have a differnet time interval and number of emails per minute i send.  I also have a flag in the database that can be used to override the domain. For instance, a lot of non profits (.org and .edu) now use google as their email backend.  Sending too many emails to google, even if they are differnet domains and not gmail accounts, can still get us flagged as a spammer. If i discover a domain email is hosted by google i set the flag as a google flag, and it slows down the outbound email even more for those accounts.

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