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Question asked by Mark Milton - 9/27/2018 at 6:04 AM
Hi, This question isnt directly SmarterMail related.

Multiple domains on my server using SmarterMail have being getting random spam emails about an overdue invoice. All the emails have the same invoice number and phone number. At this point it looks to be just your typical spam email but after the phone number is always a email from one of my contacts and sometimes its a domain on the server. The emails always comes from a different email but the name in the inbox shows as one of my contacts.

What could be causing this? Its not like the name are common names and specially when one of them has came from a contact I have with my local government council.

The emails are never sent from the server so it doesn't look like the email address has been hacked but strange how they always sent it to look like a contact I have

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