Check GRP with antivirus
Question asked by igorinuk - 9/26/2018 at 2:59 AM
Is it possible to check mailboxes (not spool) with an AntiVirus? We need to check lots of mailboxes with old messages, but afraid to get corrupted GRP files as a result. Is there any AntiVirus that can handle GRP files properly? Or some solution or workaround?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Perhaps someone has a suggestion, but we generally don't recommend scanning GRP files for the very reason you're trying to avoid: it can cause corruption. However, someone may have done it...or does it...successfully.
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echoDreamz Replied
I think the main issue here is that if an AV app determines a grp file contains an infection, it deletes the entire file, not message by message.
Nicolas Fertig Replied
That's exactly why we remove windows defender or any antivirus from our mail servers, so it doesn't kill a whole day of mails if an infection is found in a .grp file.

You really must avoid this.

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