Smartermail Enterprise message archives after an upgrade?
Question asked by Matt Robertson - 9/24/2018 at 8:16 AM
Is there any issue with older message archives when upgrading from SM 14.3 to the latest v16?  I have archive files going back to 2012 and as a group they are so large I can't fit them all on the same server.  I typically keep the current year's worth of archive files in the live storage location, and at the end of that year I move that year's set of zip and dat files to deep storage offline.  The thinking being if I ever need them I can restore to the live storage location and search/retrieve as needed (years ago I tested this file-move-return idea and it worked, SM was able to search the moved/returned archive files).

But... if there is a file structure issue that needs to be handled via domain migration, I could be in for trouble.  Any problems foreseen with doing a normal migration (including the current year's archives) and then proceeding as before?

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Paul Blank Replied
There were no issues with this and v15. Not sure how v16 handles this.

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