TLS for multiple domains
Question asked by Paul Blank - 8/29/2018 at 6:05 AM
I'm using the latest version of SM 15.
Is there a way to use one secure certificate per domain for TLS on an SM server with more than one domain, for SMTP transport (for example)? It looks as if I can only bind one certificate at a time for any given port number. 

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Eric Tykwinski Replied

I think this was just asked, but it's only possible to bind an SSL to an IP address and port.
So two possiblities I can see around this.
1. Use a Public IP address per domain.
2. Use an internal IP address per domain, and run a proxy for SMTP to switch on domain name. (NGINX, Zevent, F5, et al.)
Paul Blank Replied
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Thanks to Linda Pagillo. I had no problem with additional IP addresses, but couldn't figure out the bindings. Silly me. It's all clear now  
Matt Petty Replied
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Cheers for Linda!
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