Set Message Size Limit Per User?
Question asked by Jim Rosemary - 8/22/2018 at 8:46 PM
I know we can set the total disk storage limit size per user, and we can set the message size limit per domain.  But is there a way to set the message size limit per user?  One of our clients has office workers who routinely send large attachments (40-50MB or more) to each other with no issues.  But their field staff, operating on cellphones, have issues when sending attachments of over 10MB (especially on Verizon and especially when they have low signal strength).  The issue is that the cellphones re-send repeatedly, over and over, for weeks or months.  If we don't catch it, it can fill up the entire server.  We limit the storage size of the user, but that doesn't prevent them from sending a large file.  We'd like to set the message size limit, but only for specific users within a domain.  Is there a a way to do that in any version of SM (we're currently still working with 15.7?
Jim Rosemary
New Tech Web, Inc.

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hello Jim,
At this time, the Max Message Size limit is a domain setting only. In 16.x, user accounts can only be limited by the Mailbox Size Limit, just like in 15.x. I'll forward this request to the development team for their consideration. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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