Icewarp (formerly Merak) to SmarterMail Converter Insights
Question asked by David Jamell - 8/22/2018 at 9:01 AM
I'm in the process of trying to sell SmarterMail to a potential client that uses  IceWarp Server Version 11.3.1 and looking for experience/insight from anyone who has used the Icewarp (formerly Merak) to SmarterMail Converter.
Any pitfalls or gotchas?

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Paul Blank Replied
I admit to knowing nothing about that converter, but am about to start experimenting with BitTitan MIgrationWiz for SM -> Office 365; this might be worth looking into for your purposes.
It's a cloud-based service, with a yearly subscription, starting at $12/user (reseller discounts are available); doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
So far, I have no experience with BitTitan yet either, but I will know something soon. It does have quite a good reputation, however.
echoDreamz Replied
We used it a long time ago, back when it was Merak still. I do not remember having any issues, it worked perfectly fine.

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