Privacy for an email account
Idea shared by Ng Cher Choon - 8/21/2018 at 3:42 AM
There are times where confidential email accounts are created and needs to be avoid to be seen by anyone. As such, these confidential email accounts can be hidden from the Global Address List but somehow it appears when user start typing letter by letter when they need to share certain resources like the calendar, email folder or other resources. 
As such, the entire company will start to guess what account is this and who owns it. 
It should be done such that the confidential accounts are made hidden but still can be shared to any resources, provided the user knows such an accounts existed.
To date, Smartermail has done a good job in hiding email account from the Global Address List but just lack out in the small but CRITICAL features where sharing is concerned. It is "understooded" when a email account is not to be displayed in the Global Address List, it should be at the same time be removed from being visible to resources sharing when user types character by character during the resources sharing. However, the confidential email can still be shared out, provided the user knows the confidential account.
Kindly look into this very small but important features for all Smartermail.

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