Question asked by Michael Gralke Augusto - 8/20/2018 at 6:45 AM
We are using SmarterMail since V8 and are on V16 now, which gave us a lot of problems in the beginning but is working quite well now.
We decided not to renew our license some month ago since we wanted to see how V17 is coming along.
Thing is that we need to move to a new server but are not sure is we can do that: 
Our current installation is 16.3.6642 but the only available download is 16.3.6802.
Are we allowed to install newer versions since they are (100s of) bug fixes only and bring nothing new to the software?
If not, how can we get the 16.3.6642 installer?

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Feel free to use the installer for version 16.3.6802. Minor version updates are always available to you, regardless of your Upgrade Protection status. Since your license is valid for version 16.x, you can upgrade to any 16.x minor version at no cost. Reinstating your Upgrade Protection would only be necessary if you'd like to access version 17.x (or higher) or to utilize any of the paid add-ons.
We release minor version updates for SmarterMail 16.x regularly, so be sure to check for new updates as well. We announce the new releases in the News and Community sections of this Portal and on our social media pages. 
Also, here's some instruction for migrating SmarterMail to a different server: 

I hope this helps! 

OK thanks, that's good to know, but just to be sure:

I can always update my current SM 16 despite currently not having any upgrade protection?

Just asking because whenever you send out New Release emails you state:

"SmarterTools announces the release of SmarterMail 16.3.6802 which is available as a FREE minor version upgrade to all SmarterMail customers with current upgrade protection."

Please advise,

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Hi Mike. That's right; you can always update your current 16.x install despite not having Upgrade Protection on your 16.x license.

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