Moving a Domain from Smartermail 4 to 16
Question asked by Majid Shams - 8/14/2018 at 5:43 AM
Hi Guys,
I want to migrate a domain from Smartermail 4 to Smartermail 16.
I read this acticle :
But this article applies to SmarterMail 9.x - 15.x !
Is there anybody to have some experiences to share with us?
Thanks for any help.

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Emmet McGovern Replied
We migrated an older installation and found it easier to install the same old version on the new hardware, then robocopy the data over, then perform the upgrade to the newest version.  We were able to get SM6 installed on a 2016 server without issue.  From there we upgraded to 7, then to 15, then to 16.
Majid Shams Replied
Thank you Emmet,
we have all files from smartermail 4 on a separate hard drive.
And now we moved all of them to new smartermail 16.
every user can login with their old password and there is no problem with that.
But the problem is Smartermail doesn't show any emails in inbox, sent and other folders.
What should we do to solve the problem?
Linda Pagillo Replied
The file structure for SM 4 is much different from the newer versions. The upgrade path for you should have been SM 4 to SM 7.5 then 7.5 to 16. You may be seeing problems because of the different file structures. I would need to see your server to know for sure, but this would be my guess for now.
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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Majid,
This is likely due to the file structure change that took place in version 7.x. Unfortunately, moving domain data from 4.x to 16.x won't work because 16.x can't recognize the old file structure. The good news is that we have a utility that should fix this for you.
First, stop the SmarterMail service from your server's Windows Services panel. Then call on this executable using an elevated command prompt:
Once the utility is downloaded, follow the prompts to point the utility to each domain that's having an issue with users not seeing mail. The default domain path would be C:\SmarterMail\Domains\DomainName\
This tool will rebuild the mailboxes, converting mail into the SmarterMail 7.x format which 16.x can read. When the utility has completed its process, restart the SmarterMail service, and users should be able to see their emails. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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