Custom help no longer working
Problem reported by jev.sapasap - 8/12/2018 at 8:33 AM
Custom help no longer working after I've upgrade to Version: 16.3.6795
Though the custom help in the login screen is still working.

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Nicolas Fertig Replied
Works here. Tested only with a normal user, not the admin login though.
edit: also it seems to be okay on your smartermail login page, the blue (?) icon.
edit2: I can confirm it doesn't work when logged in as admin. Also it is strange, when you reload the page, it is replaced by Online help, which works and point to smartertools online documentation.
I think thought that help for admin should point to product documentation, not the company's help which is more aimed at customers...
Employee Replied
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This issue has been resolved and is included in the latest minor release for SmarterMail 16.

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