SMTP Account on 16.3.6782 not working
Problem reported by Stratos Geroulis - 8/8/2018 at 11:15 AM
I just updated from 16.3.6600 to 16.3.6782 and I'm experiencing a problem. I have an SMTP account setup for my work email. When I set it up and "test connection" it works. When I try to compose an email the address shows up on the "from" field. I send the e-mail, it goes in the "Sent" but it never reaches it's destination. Is there a problem with this version? If so, where can I download my 16.3.6600 that worked?
Thank you

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Stratos Geroulis Replied
I just dug deeper and noticed that the e-mails go in the spool and get stuck "Waiting to deliver"...
Stratos Geroulis Replied
OK more digging brought up some code exception. Please see the following:
[2018.08.08] 14:15:25 [38001] Added to RemoteDeliveryQueue (0 queued; 1/50 processing)
[2018.08.08] 14:15:25 [38001] Sending remote mail for me@mycompany.com
[2018.08.08] 14:15:25 [38001] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[2018.08.08]    at RelayServer.RemoteDeliverySession.#GKb(List`1 #L6i, Domain #f8m)
[2018.08.08] 14:15:25 [38001] Removed from RemoteDeliveryQueue (0 queued or processing)
It seems there is a bug here...
Stratos Geroulis Replied
Andrea Free Replied
Employee Post
Thank you for providing the resolution you found, Stratos! 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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