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Question asked by Yisroel Pinson - 8/1/2018 at 5:13 PM
Is there a way to create passwords for user logins en masse?
Many of our users have blank passwords and while they were able to login in the old version of ST (8.2) with their username only, leaving the password blank, this is no longer the case in ST 14 (which we recently upgraded to.
So, short of going one by one and inserting a password, I would like to create passwords in bulk fashion for all who are missing one. Looking at the st_users table in SQL, I see that there is a Password field and a PasswordSalt field. Clearly the passwords there are encrypted so it's not as simple as running an update query to add a password to the table...
Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Eric McCarthy Replied
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The best solution would be to enable reset password. This would allow your verified users to reset their passwords themselves. For all non-verified users, the passwords would have to be reset case by case from the management interface. The only way to do a mass password reset would be with a SQL query. This is not recommended since the only way to do this would not have the passwords encrypted. 
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Yisroel Pinson Replied
Excellent, that worked!
I will use the Reset Password option so that users can create their passwords if they can't login due to having a blank password.

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