Keep emails in local "list" similar to Outlooks NK2 AutoCompelete file
Idea shared by Dwayne Johnson - 8/1/2018 at 2:30 PM
Frequently we have to enter email address of users who are not registered.  It would be helpful if recipient email addresses could be kept either locally or on the server for future reference.

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To do that you could use "CONTACTS" as they must be used.
IMHO the "NK2 AutoComplete" of Outlook is the worst implementation of a Address Book, because it's not a real address book and users tends to not create contacts in the REAL address book because of it and then comply because they don't find addresses "I've always used before" because NK2 has forgotten it...
IMHO Outlook itself has to remove that functionality and start to do a real address book autocompletion to became REALLY the best email client...
Smartertrack has "Users" vs "Contacts". Manually adding users works, or, having them register. Thanks for the tip.
You are welcome!
Sorry, I forgot about "Users"...
Andrew Barker Replied
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We are planning to implement various auto-complete features through SmarterTrack, especially on the management side.
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