Missing a day of email after migration, how to get it back?
Question asked by Brad Kingsley - July 30, 2018 at 10:33 AM
We migrated our SmarterMail server to a VM and realized there is a day of emails missing on the VM. The emails are on the previous host though. How can I export them and import them on the new server?
Any ideas?

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Matthew Kides Replied
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Hello Brad,
If the users are the same you could copy the grp files over from the old vm, The paths would look something like,
You will also have to delete the mailbox.cfg in the folder path to get it to find the new grp files.
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Brad Kingsley Replied
But then we would lose emails for that day that are on the VM and not on the previous host.
Brad Kingsley Replied
We need to export the mails from that day on host 1 and import them on host 2, not overwrite stuff as both hosts have different data for that time period.

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