Slow Spool after 15.7.6754 update
Problem reported by Jay Altemoos - 7/19/2018 at 10:49 AM
Ever since we updated our SmarterMail from version 15.7.6669 to 15.7.6754 our spool accumilates emails in the spool with the Spam Check listed. We never had this issue until we installed the latest update. Nothing has changed on our server other than the latest SM update. I know the major change in this update was the removal of the Bayesian portion in SM, but I can't see why this would cause this problem. I thought at first our external spamassassin installation was the issue (we run a local version on that server) because we kept seeing this in our delivery log:
Unable to run SpamAssassin spam checks on server Connection timed out
I have since removed and reinstalled SpamAssassin on the server and it still crops up. It seems that if I restart the SA service on the server then things go back to normal for about an hour. Then the issue populates again. Anyone else running into this issue?
The service is running on the server just fine and like I mentioned previously, this was not an issue until the latest patch. When the spool is filling up, I checked the status of the SpamAssassin server through the SM security page and it has the green Active listed. So it's definitely talking to it. It appears that there's an issue somewhere and the only change was the update.If I disable the remote spamassassin then the spool runs like normal. Anyone else running into this issue?
Should I try uninstalling the SM 15.7.6754 update and reapply it? Or do I need to open a ticket with support to have them take a look?

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Jay Altemoos Replied
Ok just an update on this thread, I figured out the issue on my own. Apparently by default SpamAssassin only spawns 5 child process for handling spam checking, so for me all 5 child processes were taken up causing the mail to accumilate in the spool because email was coming in faster than the 5 processes could take care of it. So in turn the spool would continue to grow. So what i did was tell SpamAssassin to spawn 25 child processes and that seemed to clear up the issue for me at least.
This is what clued me in on what was going on with my SpamAssassin installation inm the spamd.log file:
[2892] info: prefork: server reached --max-children setting, consider raising it
So this was just coincidence that after the latest update 15.7.6754 that this started happening.

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