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Question asked by dean brown - 7/18/2018 at 4:55 PM
ST v14 on IIS 7.5
The main non-ssl site is on port 9996
How do I get to to respond on port 9997 (anything but 443) for ssl?
(we already have sites on port 80 and 443)
Also, after installation, how can you change to ip and port of the site? I tried adding a new ip address and using ports 80 and 443, but then the site no longer works at all. Only on the original ip address and port that it was installed on. Is there something in the database that needs to be changed as well?

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Andrew Barker Replied
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The SSL port is configured using the Site Bindings in IIS. If you are using the "Force all traffic over HTTPS" Security setting in SmarterTrack, traffic will automatically be redirected to port 443. Changing the destination port is not supported within SmarterTrack.

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dean brown Replied
Hmm, why is it you can have port 80 changed, but not 443? (I'm not using the Force all Traffic over HTTPS setting)

It doesn't seem to work on 443 on a different ip address as well, only the one it is originally installed on.

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