SmarterMail Latest Version 16, (just downloaded)
Question asked by paul.senick - 7/15/2018 at 11:02 AM
Starting my SmarterMail 16 back up on a new server.  Not a migration, brand new everything.  Server is Windows 2012 R2.  Two issues that I was hoping to get some input on:
1) Every email we send out, doesn't matter which user, bounces back and says, "This email has a mismatched email address. This can indicate spam."  Reviewed all settings.  I must have a setting wrong but I am keeping it pretty basic.
2) MXToolbox says, "Warning - Does not support TLS".  I have searched online and went through step by step settings from a SmarterMail post and have the same results.
Anyone with some insight to these problems greatly appreciated.

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