preventing NTFS fragmentation
Idea shared by Markus Gufler - 7/12/2018 at 3:03 AM
Our Smartermails ongoing biggest problem is the daily NTFS file fragmentation within smartermail/domains folder.

Every day in each inbox and subfolder for several thousand users it's created a new YYYY_MM_DD-grp file. This file grows over the day (inbox) with every new incoming message. From the next day on this files (on disk) only change when a message get's permanently deleted or moved to another folder (like trash or subfolder)
This results in a significant and resource-hungry fragmentation.
Wouldn't it be useful and smart to create the current group file (todays YYYY_MM_DD.grp) in each folder with a certain default size? Let's say 25 or 50 MB. This way all daily actions (new/move/delete) remain in one single file and filesystem-fragment. At the end of the day, a maintenance service could trim these files down to the effectively required size.

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