SmarterMail 15.7.6726 CSS Not Loading
Problem reported by Alex B - July 11 at 9:45 AM
Random clients will have this issue when they arrive on the log in page, they are presented with a stylesheet that has almost no CSS. When looking at the console they style sheet that is loading is something like the following:;FontAwesome;Mail/;HyperControls/&rtl=false&colorScheme=fa5bd08b00c14e128664dbcee1d86a53
The only css in the style sheet is:

The only way around this currently is to have our clients perform a hard refresh. This isn't ideal. Also this was happening before 15.7, it's just more common now. Is there a reason why the stylesheets aren't loading? Is this a known bug?

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Alex B Replied
This is still happening. Anyone else ran into this?

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