Cannot remove appointment from calendar : "Any edits must be made by the organizer of the event"
Problem reported by Charles Verrette - 7/10/2018 at 5:44 AM
I'm using Caldav Sync to keep my calendar meetings synced up between my devices. It works pretty well but I've recently received an invitation to an event that created syncing problems with Caldav and Outlook. It's even messing with Outlook's notifications, removing them without notice.
I was able to identify this particular event because it's the only one that's on Smartermail calendar but doesn't show up in Outlook or anywhere else. The problem is, when I try to remove it via Smartermail's interface, I see only two options. Either accept or decline and both are doing absolutely nothing, the event stays there and doesn't go away. 
I also see this message right under accept or decline :
This event was created by xxxx@xxxxx.com. Any edits must be made by the organizer of the event.
You have not responded to this event yet.
I've already asked the organizer to cancel the metting but it's still there in SM... Anyone knows how I can get rid this? I really need this gone since it's messing with my other appointments.

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Ton Trommelen Replied
I maybe have a related problem where some events are not shown on a device that syncs its calendar with smartermail. These are invites from someone who is not using SM calendar.

I have sent a calendar XML file that contains these events to SM support staff.
Charles Verrette Replied
I was wondering if I could export the whole calendar as XML, remove the entry with notepad and reimport it over the old one but I'm pretty sure there's a better way to do this

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