Messages Stuck in Spool
Question asked by Keith Michaud - July 6, 2018 at 4:12 PM
Hello. I'm currently using smartermail 12.5 (yes I know its an older version, not my problem right now.)
All incoming and outgoing messages have been stuck in the message spool ever since I did a reboot of the server.
I verified that my dns, internet are all working. Domain is working and all settings are correct.
I've reset the services a few times. I've rebooted the server a few times. 
Also the next attempt field shows a time in the past. I've checked the knowledgebase, and have right click on the messages like has been said and no errors appear.

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you need only to restart the smartermail. it's a very old bug and still in v15 and v16 yet. sometimes need to restart smartermail service.

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