Warning when on blacklist
Idea shared by Richard Frank - 7/5/2018 at 7:25 AM
When the server gets blacklisted one can't see that after logging in
Maybe it's an idea that changes the Server Blacklist text red so you'll notice right away
Else if you don't click that menu item you probably won't see it and notice it only if you have a third party tool checking for you or customers start to call.
Better would be to receive an email notification, its very important.
and it's asked before, why not be able to add or delete the DNSBL checks via the interface
and the false positive RHSBL is still there after all the many minor updates.
read this.. it's from 2015

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A blacklist check requires thar the server know its external ip address and which blacklists worry you   Open a free account on mxtoolbox.com.  They check abiut 60 blacklusts, based on both FQDN and IP.  The list of blacklusts changes as they come and go.
the server knows it's external IP.. also the IP numbers used by the domains
the check is there in the software, with some adjustments it will be complete.
free account mx is ok, I use it too.

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