SM 16 ClamAV viruses show in quarantine Windows folder, but showing under the quarantine spool
Question asked by Patrick Mattson - 7/2/2018 at 4:09 AM
I have noticed recently I go into Spool -> Virus Quarantine I do not see anything. If I go to the Antivirus Options, my folder is set up. I can go to that folder through Windows explorer and I see the dates of quarantined items and under those folders I see a lot of quarantined emails. If I have say 30 quarantined files, I may only see 5 in quarantine.
I have found the Resend feature seems to send the emails to the client successfully.
Running version 16.3.6733
I have added some additional databases from 3rd parties, but would not think this would impact the display, it may give more false positives.
Any thoughts or ideas of a setting I may be missing or do I just need to wait and eventually they will appear in the Spool?

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Patrick Mattson Replied
I just discovered that the files quarantined in the Spool folder, at some point overnight show up in Spool list under viruses quarantine. It would be nicer if they showed up sooner so I can determine and resend them sooner.

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