SmarterMail 16, error on search Logs
Problem reported by Giovane Heleno - 6/29/2018 at 10:23 AM
I am getting this message below in a red error box when I do some searching:
"The specified server can not perform the requested operation"
When debug in browser, I'm getting error 400 in console:
VM6348:1 POST /api/v1/settings/sysadmin/log-files 400 ()
(anonymous) @ VM6348:1
(anonymous) @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:112
p @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:107
(anonymous) @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:105
(anonymous) @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:139
$eval @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:153
$digest @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:150
$apply @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:153
(anonymous) @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:289
dispatch @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:3
q.handle @ angular-v-16.3.6754.19812.8d5de400579973a.js:3
I'm using v16.3.6754
Windows 2016 Datacenter / 8 CPU / 32GB RAM
Giovane Heleno
CTO / Faster Datacenter
Brazil 🇧🇷

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Patrick Mattson Replied
I think I have seen that error. It seemed to me it was a timeout issue that the session/token expired. I had to exit the browser and start over. I have noticed if I am impersonating a user I go back to the admin page try to do something else I would see a similar type erro.
Giovane Heleno Replied
@Patrick I've tried this method without success.
Login clean, cache clean, clean cookies, new session, no plugins, another browser (firefox/chrome).
Giovane Heleno
CTO / Faster Datacenter
Brazil 🇧🇷

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