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Question asked by John Reid - 6/28/2018 at 12:32 PM
I know that the API changed with SmarterMail 16. I am testing the WHMCS Provisioning Module on a test server currently running version 15.7. Is the functionality and level of integration with WHMCS the same with SmarterMail 16, worse, or better? What differences might I expect to see. How about with the up and coming Version 17 of SmarterMail?
Thank you.

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John Reid Replied
It has been a week. I hope it is ok to bump this.
echoDreamz Replied
The old API has not changed in SM v16, it is still available. In fact, no one can really dev against the new REST API because ST has released no documentation on it.
echoDreamz Replied
When we upgraded from 15 to 16 no changes had to be made to our control panel as the APIs are identical still. Of course, once they give us some docs on the new API, we will be updating our CP for it, but right now, the old API still works like a champ.
Mark Milton Replied
The WHMCS modules really need to be improved. I have had a ticket open for coming up one year now with issues on the WHMCS modules. Been quoted by someone to redevelop them but not willing to cover the costs. 

If your looking for the modules to provision better including using configuration products to set resources and bill for usage, we can discuss this.

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