Autoresponder and Message Retrieval
Problem reported by Giorgio Borra - 6/21/2018 at 2:58 AM
Not A Problem
We have verified that when message retrieval is enabled for a mailbox, autoresponder don't work.
The sender of the mail doesn't receive the mail with the text of the autoresponder.
I have a mailbox xxxx@gmail.com
I retrieve this mail address with SM in my mailbox xxxx@mydomain.com
I send a mail from yyyy@gmail.com to xxxx@gmail.com
I correctly receive the mail on xxxx@mydomain.com
If i set an autoresponder in SM, yyyy@gmail.com doesn't receive any mail.
Is this a SM issue ?

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what SM version are you using ?
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Jamie Money Replied
Can confirm the issue exists in 16.3.6843
Derek Curtis Replied
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This isn't how message retrieval works. The autoresponder would have to be on the xxxx@gmail.com account as that's the primary address that is, essentially, receiving the message. Message retrieval simply pulls messages from one account into another as a way to aggregate accounts into a single interface. Then you'd set up SMTP Accounts so you can reply from those addresses. As it's designed, messages "retrieved" from another account are treated differently than if you email xxxx@mydomain.com directly.  (Or xxxx@gmail.com directly, for that matter.) It's similar to how SmarterTrack works, using existing POP and SMTP connections for retrieving, and sending, tickets and ticket replies. 
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