CalDAV does not work in 6740 OR 6744
Problem reported by Neal Culiner - 6/19/2018 at 7:21 PM
I installed 6744 and the calendar data appears again in web mail but I still can't get CalDAV to work in macOS. 

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Neal Culiner Replied
I got it to work by using Manual mode and putting in my server domain
Matthew Sine Replied
We have had customers report that all shared calendars disappeared in 6740. In 6744 - installed this morning, the customer can see personal calendars, and attempt to re-share shared calendars, but it only lasts for moments and then this error (or similar) is produced:
Did not have shared calendar connections with; currentUser <a href='mailto:USER...
This is repeatable on all domains on the server that have shared calendars.
So.... suggestions?
- Matt
Matthew J. Sine, General Manager8Dweb LLC "Making the Web a Happy Place"

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