Finally installed v16
Question asked by Richard Frank - 6/11/2018 at 6:46 AM
Of course I had to drop v15 once.. now v17 is around the corner and there has been multiple updates fixes add-ons produced for v16 I installed it this weekend.
The installation was a few minutes. Uninstall v15, reboot, install v16, reactivate license done.
There is one thing that botters me personally.. actually it botters me a lot. 
Lot of menu items are sort of hidden. I have to click twice, scroll down, select something, scroll up, select a drop down menu click.. 
Too much mouse movements, scrolling and clicking, to get things done. The interface is very streamlined, it's very fast, but on the other had, I have to do a lot and that counters the usability and that makes it slow again.
If I may say it with a picture

So I hope v17 (I will be installing the beta) will be as fast as v16, but also user friendly so that I can work faster :)

Thanks for all the good work!
signed.. The Lazy Admin :)

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