Email disappearing after receipt.
Problem reported by Chris Comley - 5/29/2018 at 4:32 AM
Since re-starting my mail server at the weekend (power cut) I'ts now running and I can log in to all the management screens, and my POP clients can log in and fetch mail... except there isn't any. 

I've checked, SMTP is running and I can send emails in to the system via port 25, they are accepted, but, they never appear in my email box. 

Initially I note that after restarting the server had the wrong time and date (dud mother board battery) but that has now been fixed, and the Smartermail service re-started since then.)  Still, emails do not appear in my POP box. 
I'm going to re-start the entire server again, see if that gets things re-aligned. 

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Chris Comley Replied
OK - restarting the entire server didn't help. 

Email is arriving - I can see it in the "SMTP" log, and I can see it in the "Delivery" log. Even local email says it's "delivered" but it never appears in the mailbox!!!
I've tried re-indexing the mailbox. I'm even looking at it via the webmail interface to rule out any problem with pop or client software. 
Why does it just evaporate? 
Chris Comley Replied
The only good news so far is, I found out that if a user's email is also set to "forward" to an external destination, THAT part at least is working. Phew. So I've lost 2 days of email completely, I can see no way to get them back, but, at least from now on any emails that are received are going to appear in my gmail box until I can fix this pile of steaming dung... 
Matthew Leyda Replied
I'd start with going to settings > Smartermail Self Diagnostic.. If this is OK I'd try a Uninstall, Reboot server, Reinstall.
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Chris Comley Replied
OK - got to the bottom of it.
When the powercut exceeded the UPS and the server died, it lost the date - dud m/b battery - and I didn't realise when I was trying to get it going again that I "corrected" the year from 2007 to 2008 instead of 2018.

The mail WAS coming through.

But as it was being re-stamped with the May 2008 date, it never showed up in any of the graphs of, e.g. message traffic, and when it arrived in the mail client, it was sorted right to the bottom of the list.

My big questoin here is - is it an SMTP standard that the date of the message is changed on arrival at the server to the current date/time of the server? I would have expected the message to continue to show the date/time at which it was *SENT*>>??

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