16.3.6705 all day appointment shown one day early on calendar
Problem reported by W. T. Leaver - 5/23/2018 at 12:46 PM
A client reported that all day appointments show up a day early on the calendar in the web interface.
I was able to duplicate this. It’s pretty simple, you set up an all day appointment and save it, and you’ll see it on the month view listed on the day before the appointment instead of the day of.
I even switched the test appointment I made back and forth between all day and one hour, and each time I saved it as a one hour appointment it would jump from the wrong day to the right one, and vice versa when I edited and re-saved as an all day appointment.

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Patrick Mattson Replied
I have had my second customer call me regarding this issue. I thought the first was a fluke and bad luck moving to a new server. My two customers use a shared resource that everyone sees, have not heard from someone using a single account and an all day calendar.
I am running on a server 2016 standard and running version 16.3.6705.
Any help from SmarterTools its been a week since this post was created?
Lars Bragdon Replied
Also having the same problem. Still present in 16.3.6726
Patrick Mattson Replied
Wasn't sure who was following what thread so I am adding this from my previous posting.
It appears to be fixed in version 16.3.6733 (June 8, 2018). I created a calendar entry (16.3.6705) for June 15th, it was appearing on June 14th.
Removed the old version, rebooted
Installed the new version, rebooted
Checked the calendar event it moved to June 15, 2018 automatically.
Andrea Free Replied
Employee Post
Hi everyone,
It looks like the issue was resolved in the June 8th release for SmarterMail 16.3.6733 (Fixed: All Day appointments appear one day behind the scheduled date in web interface). I've seen a few confirmations that this build resolves the problem. Is anyone still hearing reports of an issue on 16.3.6733 or our most recent build, 16.3.6740? 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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