New folder / Subfolders
Question asked by Nicolas Fertig - 4/12/2018 at 10:20 AM
A customer has created some Inbox subfolders from the webmail, they appear corrently in the webmail but not in an IMAP client (We tried and reproducted this with Thunderbird and eMClient with IMAP).
Okay when you create a subfolder in the Inbox a message is displayed saying that this can cause trouble in e-mail clients so I wanted to try to create a new folder out of inbox.
It took me a quite long time to understand how to create a subfolder out of Inbox.
When you use the New folder button at the bottom left, it defaults to Inbox.
I'm sure most of the users will not pay attention to it and will create their folder under Inbox then open supports because they don't see their folders in their IMAP client.
Is it possible somehow to set the default parent directory as the ROOT and not Inbox when using New Folder button ?
Additionnally, is there a reason why folders under Inbox are not correctly handled with the imap clients ?
I tested this on another mail system (one free based on dovecot/postfix) and the folders inside Inbox are seen in both same IMAP client i've tried...

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