Spam action setting not honored
Problem reported by Paul R - 4/10/2018 at 1:03 PM
SM Enterprise 16.3.6663
The actions for the SPAM-MED and SPAM-HIGH messages are set for "Add Text to Subject".  This is set at both the global level and per-domain level.  Domains ARE permitted to override filter weights and actions.

Problem:  Messages classified as SPAM-HIGH are getting the subject tagging, but they are ALSO being sent to the Junk folder.  Since many users check their boxes by POP3, they are not seeing these messages, many of which are false-positives and should not be tagged.

Is there a separate rule somewhere that needs to be disabled to prevent SPAM-HIGH messages from going to the Junk folder?  These users have not created any content filtering rules of their own, nor are their domain-level filters.
I can verify these complaints, because I use POP3 and my own mailbox has also been affected.  I've missed several messages with false-positive HIGH spam tags that were redirected to the junk folder.

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