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Announcement by Derek Curtis - 4/6/2018 at 10:48 AM
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With a heavy heart, I wanted to pass along some sad news about a wonderful man, and a great contributor to the SmarterTools Community, Bruce Barnes.
Bruce left us on Wednesday, after a lengthy battle with an undisclosed illness. Bruce was a long time user of SmarterMail and created the de facto document for managing Antispam within the SmarterMail interface. He spent long hours selflessly creating, revising and updating his document and offered it to anyone and everyone. He was more than willing to offer help and passed along his breadth of knowledge to thousands of Community users, as well as users of countless forums and message boards scattered around the web. 
Bruce will definitely be missed. So, when you can, please raise a glass in his honor this weekend. I know I will. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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R.I.P. Bruce.  I learned from you.
I'm very sad to hear of Bruce's passing. His knowledge will live on through his many posts and his willingness to spend his time helping people truly shows what kind of person he was in his personal and professional life. My heart goes out to his family and friends. May they find peace during this difficult time. Rest In Peace, Bruce. You will be greatly missed.
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Bruce's posts were always good to see. His antispam and configuration document was incredibly helpful. I think he touched more companies and people than he may have known.  Many of us are much better off because of his guidance. Thank you Bruce.
This is such sad news.  Bruce helped me and my company several times. His Antispam rules were so helpful.  He will be greatly missed.  My heart goes out to his family.  You are in my prayers.  We will miss you.
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RIP, such a sad news, always have been following his Antispam document which had helped a lot and was of gr8 help.
Thank you Bruce for wonderful detailed documentation and support to community, will surely be missed.
This are really sad news. Bruce was always very helpful to everbody. Our egoistic, business and money oriented world needs more people like Bruce
R. I. P. Bruce. Condolences to the family and friends
Even if I don't use SmarterMail and I never saw him, this is a very sad news
R.I.P. Bruce
R.I.P. Bruce Barnes
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Very sad news, indeed. Bruce always went far out of his way to assist and to provide helpful advice to the community. In the times we talked outside of this forum, Bruce treated me like a friend purely due to our common interest and expertise in the IT field. He will be missed.
Bruce was the gold standard in I.T. and customer service. I didn't know him personally but he was probably the Gold Standard in humanity as well. He always gave more than was expected.
Like many of us, he didn't know me but I've known his work for several years. His Smartermail spam filtering documentation saved me from countless hours of trying, testing, adjusting, logging and repeating.
It's a sad day that he is gone but a relief his suffering has finally come to an end. RIP and condolences to his loved ones.
R.I.P. Bruce!

You always went out of your way to help others and have helped me quite a few times with Smarter Mail issues. Especially, your anti-spam document is the pretty much the configuration guide everyone should use.

Thank you for being a great guy. You will be missed!
Deeply saddened and shocked to hear of this. Bruce was a gentleman and a scholar, and an all-around lovely human being.
Bruce put up a tremendous fight. Last summer when this came about he lost an incredible amount of weight in a very short time and I am amazed he lasted this long. Life comes down to making best use of the time God allows us our days under the sun, Bruce saved us all days with his tireless contributions to this forum and his configuration document(s) over the years. I am doing this Internet thing since it started doubt we will ever experience an aberration of goodness as we did with Bruce Barnes. Long may your memory run for anyone you have ever touched. Now that you have kicked the frame am sure your light keeps shining.
R.I.P. Bruce.  I learned from you.
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RIP Bruce. You will be missed. My condolences to your family.
:,(  R.I.P. Bruce
He shared all the different things that he discovered.. 
And as with everything else that  has been posted... he was a kind person.. that took the time to help whom ever needed help. An example that we should all follow...
R.I.P Bruce.
Thank you so much.
Sad news, just found out that he passed away. His comprehensive document was extremely useful to my company. R.I.P Bruce, we all learned from you.
Such sad news, Bruce offered so much to those of us who frequent/ed these forums, always going out of his way to assist and help those of us who asked for his help.

Learned a great many things from his posts.

RIP good man

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