SmarterMail 16.3.6663 - Performance issue and missing features from 15.x
Problem reported by Stefan Mössner - April 1, 2018 at 11:11 PM
Hi all,
yesterday I updated my SmarterMail to version 16.3.6663 after a very long test period in a closed environment. It wasn't possible to test all the things so I decided to do the upgrade on my production System after some of the issues were solved.
The look and feel is good. But what I can see is that SmarterMail 16.3.6663 is very slow. Version 15.x was never that slow as 16.x is. Switching folders, opening mails, going to settings - all takes more time to access than it took with 15.x.
And the mail moving dialogue window of 15.x is better than it is in 16.x: Accessing the webmail UI of 16.x via a Windows client the moving dialogue shows all folders listed as on mobile devices instead of the folder tree as it was on 15.x when not using the mobile UI. Is it possible to bring back the folder tree structure to this dialogue window? It's more efficient to use.
And I'm missing the possibility to start the POP3 / IMAP retrieval manually. I use this function sometimes if I'm waiting for a mail and SmarterMail didn't retrieved it automatically yet. Isn't this possible anymore? Or can you say where I can find this function?
Version 16.x makes some things better than 15.x did. For example, if you set your preferred mail address it really uses this address as standard and sets the standard signature the user has choiced in new mails or when answering mails. And there are more things which work better.
Kind Regards

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Stefan Mössner Replied
Hi all,
now, after more than two weeks of using SmarterMail 16.x I can say, that everything works good.
But the new web UI seems to use more computing power because on different systems there's a very different speed experience with the UI. I've never seen this in such a way with version 15.x and earlier.
Does someone know if there's a possibility to retrieve mails with POP3 manually like it was available in version 15.x and earlier? This would be a helpful feature.
And it would be great to get back the old dialogue for moving messages between folders because it's more efficient than the actual one. And I think it would be even more efficient for mobile devices.
Kind Regards

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