Calendar Events Off by 1 Hour After Move to EAS
Question asked by Paul R - 3/29/2018 at 10:29 AM
Smartermail version 16.3.6649.
User reports that when he opens events created on his iPhone, and switches them from the onboard iPhone calendar to the "Exchange" calendar which is on SM 16.3.6649, the event start time drops backward by 1 hour.

Same thing for events created on the Apple calendar on his Mac.  When changed to EAS calendar instead of on-board calendar, event start times slip backwards 1 hour.  (an 11:00 event changes to 10:00)

Server is in Eastern time zone, user is in Central time.
All of the following have been verified correct:
 - iPhone is set for the right time zone and DST.
 - Mac is set for the right time zone and DST.
 - In Webmail user settings, Central time for his account selected
 - Server time is correct, with automatic adjustment for DST time enabled.
Any ideas?

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Paul R Replied
Anyone?  Links to other discussions on the topic would also be welcome.


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