Restarting Cyren over and over and over
Problem reported by Barbara Renowden - 3/26/2018 at 11:14 AM
I am seeing a ton of this in my logs since moving to a new server.
Restarting Cyren11:45:48 Restarting Cyren11:45:48 Restarting Cyren11:45:49 Restarting Cyren11:45:50 Restarting Cyren11:45:52 Restarting Cyren11:45:53 Restarting Cyren11:45:54 Restarting Cyren11:45:55 Restarting Cyren11:45:56 Restarting Cyren11:45:57 Restarting Cyren11:45:57 Restarting Cyren11:45:58 Restarting Cyren11:45:59 Restarting Cyren11:46:00 Restarting Cyren11:46:00 Restarting Cyren11:46:01 Restarting Cyren11:46:02 [81139] Unable to run Commtouch check: Empty results for message(81139) from Cyren
and it just keeps going.

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