Smartertrack Chat - Chat losing connection to server
Question asked by Adam De Lay - 3/16/2018 at 8:06 AM
Where are the log files for smartertrack chat?  We seem to have several customers each day who start a chat, then navigate to a different page and they seem to lose connection back to the smartertrack server.  Would like to investigate prior to opening up a ticket.
We're using ST 13.1.6632.18620

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Hi, Adam. All of the logs kept by SmarterTrack are found here when you're logged in with an Admin role:
Settings --> Tools --> Diagnostics. The Errors.log for a particular day may have errors in it. That said, if it's an issue with embedded chat, they might not be logged. If you can get client-side errors from a browser with dev tools open, that would be a good start. If your customers can't do it, can you replicate the issues? 
Derek Curtis
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Adam De Lay Replied

I'm forced to look into this issue again.  We're still having issues with chats being disconnected with our customers.  No one has found a pattern yet of a specific page the customer is on or a specific browser that's being used.  I can look back through old chats and see several chats in a row with the same person because something has disconnected them.  Since we cannot replicate the issue, client-side testing is not available.  There has to be some kind of server-side log which gives more information as to why the disconnects keep happening.  Is there some SignalR logging we can enable?


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