URIBLs duplication issue
Problem reported by David Sovereen - March 12, 2018 at 8:53 PM
We are using Webmail Enterprise Edition Version: 16.3.6628, and when editing our URIBLs entries we noticed that disabling "Enable Spool Filtering" and "Enable Outgoing SMTP Blocking" and then clicking "Save" the entries were actually duplicated. We had 1 entry with those checks disabled, and the original was still there with those entries enabled. Checking 1 entry on the URIBLs list would place a check mark in both entries, and deleting the entry (since both were checked) would remove both entries. We disabled all URIBL checks to try and diagnose a Spool issue, and this problem only seemed to happen with the first 2 entries in the URIBLs list.

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